Time again to stock up on your Christmas decorations, get some Christmas specialties, and perhaps just sit down and enjoy a glass of glögg. There is plenty of time for that, as most of the Finnish, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian Churches open their doors for annual Christmas Fairs in major Scandinavian strongholds, in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The Swedish organization SWEA - http://www.swea.org - with its many local chapters is also among the organizers. Almost every major town in the US has a SWEA-organized Christmas Fair with the largest running in Boston, Losa Angeles and San Francisco.
The possible drawback for you when you read this?
Most of them are already at the end of Nov. or beginning of December... Scandinavians plan ahead so if your a bit late and search for your very own Scandinavian Christmas decorations we can only suggest a visit to one of the online-based Scandinavian stores, llisted under The Guide: http://www.nordicreach.com/webguide/