Raise your glass of aquavit to the level of an imaginary third vest button, gaze deeply into the eyes of each person present, sing first seven lines of the song below, then say, “Skål!” Whereupon you knock down the precious liquid and, before putting your glass down, once again and with great care, lock eyes and sing the final line of "Sjung hopp, faderallan lej!".

Helan går
Melody: Helan går


Helan går,
sjung hopp, faderallan lallan lej.
Helan går,
sjung hopp, faderallan lej.
Och den som inte helan tar,
han heller inte halvan får.
Helan går!
Sjung hopp, faderallan lej!

Phonetic transliteration:
Hal and Gore,
shun hop, father Alan Lalan ley
Hal and Gore,
shun hop, father Alan ley.
Oh handsome in the hell and tar
an’ Hal are in the half and four.
Hal and Gore!
Shun hop, father Alan ley!

Now for the First!
Sing hop, faderallan lallan ley.
Now for the First,
sing hop, faderallan ley.
And those who won’t the First One take
they also Number Two forsake.
Now for the First!
Sing hop, faderallan ley!

The song and its transliteration is from the Nordstjernan book 'The very best of Swedish Schnapps Songs' - Göran Rygert's popular compilation of some of the most common Swedish schnapps songs. 64 pages, covering 130 songs, 1/3 of the songs in English, a handful of recipes and briefs on traditions.
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Watch Will Ferrel sing Helan Går (it comes towards end of the sequence) while interviewed on Swedish television a couple of years ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Juaak2wV_Zk