Saturday, August 14 is the grand opening of Sweden's longest crayfish table. Along the Göta Canal, crayfish are boiled and crayfish parties spring up in many places between Sjötorp and Mem.
"This will be a party that we hope will become a tradition. Along the canal, we have fantastic crayfishing waters and fun for the whole family," says Anna Meyer, CIO at Göta Canal.
Göta Canal is one of Sweden's most famous and popular tourist attractions with over three million visitors each year. The canal connects Göteborg on the west coast to Söderköping on the Baltic Sea. During August and September there are many opportunities to fish and eat crayfish along the canal, and the big highlight for all crayfish lovers will be on Saturday August 14.
"We will have Crayfish Festival in Motala, crayfish party in Karlsborg and a children's festival in Ljungsbro. The idea is for both adults and children to enjoy the experience of crayfishing as well as preparing and eating the crayfish," says Meyer.

Crayfishing Packages
At several places along the canal, there are crayfish packages connected with the Göta Canal company. One such is a two-day package in Borensberg including overnight and crayfish activities. “There is also a wood-burning sauna to enjoy while waiting for the crayfish to crawl into the cages," says Meyer.


Sweden's longest crayfish table, Saturday, August 14:
Crayfishing and crayfish in Karlsborg. Tasting and tips to cook, crayfishing for children during the day, big crayfish party in the port channel. +46(0)505-131 11.

‘Kräftival’ in Motala port. Sales of crayfish, crayfish contest for children, the best crayfish cook announced, family activities. +46(0)141-22 52 54

Night on the canal in Ljungsbro. Children's Festival with crayfish, singing and outdoor cinema.

Maltes Fishing in Sjötorp, sales of boiled crawfish, and fresh, newly caught crayfish. +46(0)70-895 52 92

Restaurant Kajutan in Sjötorp serves crayfish on the terrace at the channel's edge. +46(0)501-515 90

Norrqvarn, North Mill Hotel and Conference, crayfish is the theme for that evening's menu. +46(0)501-507 70

Nya Kanalstugan, New Channel cottage in Töreboda, crayfish party overlooking the canal. +46(0)506-165 00

Wassbacken Café, Camping & Hostel, crayfish plate in the café. +46(0)506-520 56

Kanalkrogen, the Channel tavern, at Berg locks. Crayfish plate is served in the restaurant. +46(0)13-600 76.

Captain Bille's Café, Norsholm. Special: One pound of crawfish, bread and butter, snaps / beer / alcohol free. +46(0)11-545 50.

Other Crayfish Packages along the canal offered during August-September:
Wassbacken Café and Camping. Crayfish on the canal's Västgöta side. Accommodation in a cabin or hostel. The afternoon and evening devoted to crayfishing and cooking crayfish., +46(0)506-520 56

Tåtorp Café and Accommodation, canal. Crayfish in Lake Viken. The catch is cooked next to the canal., +46(0)506-530 86.

Glasbrukets Vandrarhem / Glass Factory Hostel and Apartments. Two days of fishing for crayfish. Stay in the glassworks apartments or hostels in Borensberg. The afternoon and evening devoted to crayfishing and cooking, and also visits to the wood-burning sauna.

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