Unlike play dough, which is much softer and reusable, trolldeg has no oil or cream of tartar. It is much drier, and after it is shaped, it can be painted. In my preschool we made candlesticks, magnets, playing cards and door signs of trolldeg. You might get even more ideas. This is a fun recipe to use with children or grandchildren.
3 parts flour
1 part salt
1 to 1Ĺ parts water
Mix flour and salt in a big bowl, add water a bit at a time and work into a dough. The dough will dry quickly, so use right away. You might want to keep water in a small bowl and add water as you work with the dough. If youíre making something more elaborate, shape it and let it dry as pieces to glue together afterward. Add a toothpick to strengthen a piece. Use knives (careful if you work with children), cookie cutters or a garlic press as tools and decorate with dried flowers and leaves, pebbles, beads and shells. Let dry overnight, then paint and glue.