This time of year the fellowship of friends and family is experienced in the parties and the preparations. For most it is the high point of any year, the time to which those of any age look forward for a whole year. Yet if it were only a time of joviality there would be something irrevocably lost.

The spirit of Christmas is derived from something deeper and more significant, even for those who are not actively observing the Christian faith. The symbolism of the baby born in a manger who will save the world has spanned two millennia and still inspires faith for the future. Even those who scoff at the story and who cite the sad state of the world today are caught up in the spirit which brings out the best in all of us. Love is expressed in many ways at this time of year and the hope symbolized by Lucia bringing light in the darkness reaches its height on Christmas morning.


It is the season to be jolly, to enjoy the hectic activities which all in some way reflect the Christmas spirit. However we celebrate, let us do it with all our hearts. And to all our readers, friends, and all of you out there contributing to the content of Swedish-America’s oldest and largest publication, the staff of Nordstjernan wishes you a Merry Christmas—
Peace and joy to all!

Editor & Staff