It's always 'safe to bring up the subject of weather but try to avoid too many complaints... And all Swedes seem to be in agreement when it comes to what constitutes good weather. But why is it so important for us to talk about the weather? Magdalena Ribbing, expert in manners at daily Dagens Nyheter explains it all:

“It’s neutral, it’s simple, and it can never be seen as impolite or embarrassing to talk about.” But Ribbing has a few pointers: “Before a party or a meeting, think about a few topics of interest to talk about. Then you won’t be stuck only talking about the weather. But remember that the weather is always a good topic to start a conversation with. Remember also to say something positive about the weather. If it’s raining, you can say it’s cleansing or good for the harvest, or the skin. If it’s sunny you can always comment how it lessens brittleness of the bones, and how great that the kids don’t have to wear their raingear.”

When asked how often Ribbing herself talks about the weather, she says: “Quite often. It’s a matchless entry to a conversation that can become amazing.” And her own favorite weather? “Drizzling rain on a summer day.”