Fighting for Swedish 'snus'
The Swedish government is getting ready to fight for the Swedish snus (or moist snuff, if you will, the smokeless tobacco). Minister of Trade Ewa Björling wants snus to be readily available to buy in other European Union countries. “There are more dangerous products than snus sold in today’s European Union," says the politician, who is also a dentist and a doctor of medicine, docent in virology.

It’s been ten years since the tobacco laws in the EU were looked into; now it’s time to do so again. That’s why the Swedish government wants the chance to convince other countries to carry snus in their stores. The question about the Swedish snus is one of many on the EU minister meeting in Brussels next week.

A decision is expected to be made sometime during 2012.

'Snus' has become generally accepted into the English language in the U.S. since Swedish Match first introduced the Swedish manufactured product to the market a few years ago. Camel snus by R.J. Reynolds even Marlboro snus are no more, no less than linguistic copy cats. Quite the compliment to the product's origin.