Nordstjernan and staff look forward to our 140th year of continuous publishing, and wishes everyone,

Merry Christmas

and a healthy, safe, and happy 2012!

With the last issue for the year there are always two choices, to look backward on the ups and downs of the year that has passed or to look forward to the year to come. In fact these “in-between times” are the proper time to do both. There is every reason for us to look forward to the year ahead. The spirit of Lucia and Christmas have provided us with the quiet joy of the holiday. And New Year’s with the noise and spirited singing, the resolutions which we hope to keep, all look to the future. We resolve to be better people, to make the world a little better. On every January First we see the chance to begin again with renewed hope and resolve.
For the staff and readers of Nordstjernan, next year will be a most memorable and significant year. Few newspapers live to be 140 years old. Fewer, if any, ethnic newspapers can point to such a record.
Nordstjernan expects to be around for another 140 years, and wishes everyone a happy and prosperous year 2012.
Ulf Barslund Martensson
Editor & Publisher

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