Several studies show it’s not. For instance, according to one accident study by Swedish insurance company Trygg-Hansa it’s the opposite with close to 7% less accidents happening on any Friday the 13th compared to other days.

“The reported accidents are even 3% less on Friday the 13th than on an average Friday,” says Johan Eriksson at Trygg Hansa, which has looked closer at 2 million reported accidents during the past 5 years. “Looking at this, it appears as if Friday the 13th is more of a lucky day. Although not for car owners, since more car thefts take place that day than any other day,” Eriksson continues. According to Trygg-Hansa, most accidents happen on a Monday – at least that’s the day people report the accident happened. “It’s probably because most aren’t sure exactly when an accident happened if it happened over the weekend, and then they report it as Monday.” Some years ago, Statens räddningsverk (the Rescue Services Agency) reported similar findings: A study of municipal rescue services showed that these ominous Fridays in reality weren’t more ominous than other Fridays.