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Straight from Kristianstad in southern Sweden, we got this tip on how to create beautiful Easter eggs in an easy and natural way to either savor or use for decoration. All you need is some onions (any kind of onions, we used yellow and red ones, and just the peel), eggs, and aluminum foil.


To make these Easter eggs you need onion peels, eggs, and a bowl of water. (Also aluminum foil).

1. Peel the onions and put the peels in a bowl of water to soften them and make them moist.

2. Take a piece of aluminum foil and put some of the onion peels in it, then put the egg on top. Put more onion peels over the egg, until itís covered.

3. Wrap the aluminum foil over the onion-covered egg, be careful not to break it. Boil the aluminum-covered eggs the way you would boil an egg.

4. Remove the eggs from the water, and let cool. Unwrap and you have some pretty eggs for Easter.