"Put some Windex on it!" Who can forget the Greek father's, Gus Portokalos, remedy for well, just about everything in the 2002 hit movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" - that is, if you saw one of the funniest movies ever made (Editor's note). Windex is not part of the Swedish household remedies but the comment made us look for common household remedies everywhere. If you have a good one - even Windex - don't hesitate to share!

Ring så spelar vi (Call us and we’ll play) is a long-time favorite radio show in Sweden. As a matter of fact, it’s been airing since 1968 on Saturday mornings at 07:03-09:03, and is the radio program with the most listeners in the country. Recently, the listeners were asked to call in with their best household remedies, and since we’re fast approaching the cold and flu season, Nordstjernan wants to share some of these remedies for you to try. Use advice and remedies responsibly!

“A tablespoon of olive oil will take away your cough. I’ve tried it several times on the kids; cough syrup is no longer needed.” Martina Karlsson


“A peeled garlic clove in your ear if you have an ear infection is very effective.” Catrine Månsson in Hörby (another listener added that it is important to wrap the garlic clove in a piece of cotton, don’t put it directly in your ear)

“Dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and gargle if you feel you’re about to get a sore throat. If you need to sing, then add a small piece of butter and let it melt in your mouth and swallow.” Curt Axelsson, Myresjö

“Ginger: as an aid for sore joints. Take a tablespoon in a cup with filmjölk (plain yogurt might be an alternative in the U.S.). Garlic against a cold (at least 10 cloves).” Leffe on Söderön, Östhammar

“When you have a cold, dissolve 1 teaspoon ascorbic acid in a glass of water and drink. Repeat 2-3 times a day.” Birgitta Bengtsson

“My home remedy for colds: Dissolve two throat lozenges into boiling water in a big cup. Squeeze half a lemon and pour in the juice. Add a splash of whisky and honey. Will tickle your sinuses in a nice way.” Helene Gustavsson, Göteborg

“Cough syrup: Slice a piece of ginger, add 1 teaspoon thyme and 1 cup of milk. Let boil 10 minutes then strain. Drink three times a day.” Lena Landy

“My grandfather always took a sugar cube with a glass of milk for his heart burn. Works for me, too.” Annica in Öjebyn

“My mother often had boils on her legs, and when antibiotics didn’t help she took a piece of bacon rind and put on top of the boil.” Birgitta Ström in Gävle