Contest: Best new 'Snapsvisa' 2013
In Atlanta the Nordic Lodge 708 of the Vasa Order of America, now for two years set up a contest in the writing of the best Swedish style Schnapps Song. It became a great success and quite a few good schnapps songs were born. Here are two of them.

First prize 2012, by Anita Menegay was “Apps & Schnapps” to the melody Auld Lang Syne:
In this new modern world of ours
there are a lot of apps.
But none of them can take the place
of a good old fashioned schnapps!

The second prize winner in 2011 was “Getting Tipsy In the Bar” written by Pam Minton and Sten Ekberg:
Getting tipsy in the bar
how I wonder where I are.
Absolut you are my friend,
hanging tight until the end.
Even if I’m on the floor
you’re so good I just want more.

Now it’s time for the Schnapps Song Contest #3. It will actually be a SCHNAPPS SONG CONTEST OPEN, open for anyone who is a citizen of the United States - the first of its kind in the country! This is what you have to read before you start composing your schnapps song:
* Write a Swedish Style Schnapps Song, but it must be in English.
* The theme is the colors Yellow and Blue. This means that the song must include either the word “Yellow” or the word “Blue”, or both.
* You are welcome to provide more than one entry.
* You don’t need to be a member of the Nordic Lodge.
* What are the requirements for a good Swedish schnapps song?

1. It must be written to a well-known melody so that everyone can sing along, Swedes as well as Americans.
2. It must be short. Four lines are perfect, eight lines are OK, more than that is not OK.
3. It should be about schnapps or at least somewhat related to the drinking of a schnapps. Don’t write about whiskey, beer or wine!
4. The lines should be put into rhyme.

The winners will be announced and the winning songs performed at the Nordic Lodge meeting on Sunday September 22nd, 2013, at St. Luke Lutheran Church, 3264 Northside Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30327. The event will start at 5:30 pm. The winners of the first and second prize will each get a bottle of Swedish vodka – or, if the winner will not be able to attend to this event of September 22nd, a check for $25.00. The judges will be Prof. Jay Lutz and Göran Rygert.

Entries must be received by September 13th, 2013.
important: If you participate you have to:
Put your entry - NOT your name on that sheet! - in an envelope without the sender’s name, and send it to Jan Rygert, 4390 Ivywood Dr. NE, Marietta, GA 30062. Include a smaller envelope including the title of the song outside and your name and address inside.

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