All ”tomtar” and "tomtenissar" were banned from the Lucia procession at a school in Bromölla, as were all the gingerbread men. The school simply preferred to have the ”original” version of a Lucia procession with only Lucia, her ”tärnor” (attendants), and ”stjärngossar” (star boys). ”My son refuses to wear a dress,” said Jonas Pettersson, one parent, to Kvällsposten. ”If he cannot be a ’tomte’ then he won’t go, so that’s that.” Aso, as most of you willl know, there's really no "original" version of a Lucia procession and the Star Boys, well.. they have very little to do with Lucia: the 'Star Boy' and, what is really the origin of "Staffansvisan?"

Another school, this time a preschool in Luleå municipality, forbid the parents to photograph the children in the Lucia procession saying they want to protect the integrity of the children. Instead personnel at the school photographed the children to later hand out the photos to the parents - the parents will then receive photographs with only their child or children depicted.

”It’s a common misconception that these things are regulated by the Education Act,” says Per Andersson, press secretary at Skolverket (the Swedish National Agency for Education). ”There’s nothing that says you cannot be dressed as a ’tomte’ or Star Wars character. It’s up to each individual school to decide.” And if a particular child feels offended or believes the school violates the law, then that child (or his or her parents) can turn to Skolinspektionen. According to Sofia Wirlee, a lawyer at Skolinspektionen, they have not received any reports relating to traditional celebrations like Lucia or graduations.
”No cases that I know of, I think these things are solved at the schools. Not allowing parents to photograph has nothing to do with the Lucia celebrations,” she says.
At yet another school in Västervik, parents were asked to pay 100 SEK ($15) just to watch their children in the Lucia procession. These parents are now criticizing the school, but the school’s director believed it was the right decision since the school rented a stage, and had to pay for it.