They are either winter white or gray with cross-stiching at the bottom and a tassel, Lovikkavantar or Lovikka mittens.
This mitten, perfect for cold and dry weather, lovikkavanten was first created by Erika Aittamaa in the village Lovikka in the province Norrbotten in 1892.
Erika’s husband worked in the forest and the family had many children and was quite poor. To earn some extra money, Erika (or Riga as she was called) began knitting. Once she made a mistake and made mittens so thick and stiff that she couldn’t sell them. Not knowing what to do, she washed them and brushed them with a carding comb, which made them soft. Thus Lovikkavanten was born.
The demand got so enormous that Erika had to teach others how to make them. Erika Aittamaa died in 1952 at age 86. In 1961 Lovikkavantar became a registered trademark.

Knit them yourself (they say it's easy...) or find them online; simply search for Lovikka mittens ... these days you'll even find a variety on amazon.com (NOT the classic, however).