Walpurgis and alcohol
Valborg (Walpurgis) is the holiday when many Swedish teens drink alcohol for the first time. That means many worried parents. Of the 2,918 parents of teens polled by IQ, 36 percent said they worry. "There can be many reasons for a parent to feel concerned about their teen when it comes to alcohol — from the fact that they can get in trouble when they drink to them being among others who have been drinking, which also can lead to trouble,” says Magnus Jägerskog, CEO of IQ. This is how the Swedish parents polled looked at things:
36% are worried that their teenagers may get into trouble because of alcohol.
8% believe boys are more likely to get in trouble because of alcohol, although 60% believe that boys and girls run the same risk.
81% believe it is very important to talk to their teens about alcohol.
57% believe mom is the best parent to talk about alcohol with the teen.
68% think teenagers drink as much today as when they themselves were young.