Last night was my first ever outing at a real honest to goodness Swedish neighborhood event, and what better event to attend than Valborg. The locals from around our community gathered to celebrate the passing of winter and the coming of warmer, sunlit days.
Valborg is very much a spirited community happening—a pagan festival dating back to the days of the Vikings. Huge bonfires are built for a variety of purposes: to signal the start of spring; burn the dead trees and brush around one's home or community; ward off the evil witches as they fly about the Scandinavian sky because their power is believed to be heightened on April 30 (I do love a good witch story).
(Skam den som ger sig - Shame on those that give up)
But here it seemed that our fire starters had a bit of trouble beginning the blaze ….
Text & Photography: Lisa Mikulski