Adorned with 60,000 Chinese flowers and sunshine rather than straw and snow, the 42-foot-tall Gävle goat (Gävlebocken) from Gävle, Sweden is now standing proudly in China. After heroically surviving efforts to burn or dismantle it while it stood another year in Gävle's city center before Christmas, it was officially welcomed on Friday as a symbol of the Year of the Goat in Gävle’s sister city of Zhuhai, China. Zhuhai’s Vice Mayor Long Guangyan, joined by a crowd of hundreds, inaugurated the beloved Swedish symbol in an opening ceremony ahead of celebrations of the Chinese New Year, which falls on Sunday, February 19, 2015. Join the thousands around the world who are following the Gävle goat on Twitter: @gavlebocken
And here's more on Gävlebocken's history: