You may recall that last year's crayfish got stuck at O'Hare Airport in Chicago because of a fire there (What might have been: No one was prepared.... Consequently, we had to cancel our Kräftskiva ... and we did not think of asking if we could join the SACC party, which was scheduled to take place the next week.

This year, we thought of it. The SCS Board and I decided in June to ask Jim Hornyak, SACC-Ohio president, if we could come to their August event. They were delighted to let us join the fun, so ... we did. And fun is was.

With the combined groups, we had more songs and singers, and of course more crayfish: 90 pounds were ordered this time.

A guest from Italy, Carlo Viglaini was there, and even though he was busy taking many photos, he and his Italian girlfriend, Ilaira Tamago had a great time.

I had been asked by SACC, as the President of SCS, to provide song sheets and desserts. That was easy as I have many different song sheets; we ended up using two of them. Of course it became more fun as well as confusing after the guests have had a few nubber....

The desserts were from Gordons Food Service, but somehow I heard myself telling some of the ladies they were from Gothenburg and Norrbotten … and I heard these tales repeated as the guests gobbled it all up.

The best song was "De satt en Mås på en klyva bom och tom i magen var kräket ..." Do you know this one? I got five people to come up and sing it with me, but it wasn't on any of our song sheets. Leave it to Google to come to the rescue: Three of us used our iPhones to find the lyrics.

It was a wonderful evening. I especially liked that there were no cancellations and I met some new friends!

Text and general photography: Ingemar Svala