The start of the lobster fishing period is a celebration not unlike the annual moose hunt or even Christmas — especially on the west coast — where it is just as longed for and, of course, as full of wonderful taste experiences.

The cold, clean North Atlantic waters of western Sweden are second to none when it comes to the quality of the region’s seafood. Gothenburg and all of the west coast are famous for their exquisite fish and in particular the shellfish. The coast north of Gothenburg and the Bohuslän coastline toward the Norwegian border are scattered with thousands of rocky islands, uninhabited but for traditional fishing villages. Locals say this is the home of the world’s tastiest seafood — scallops and mussels, oysters and herring, and especially lobster.

They have learned to leverage this national treasure with their "seafood safaris" where you can join an experienced captain to rake oysters, visit mussel farms or hunt for lobster. On these excursions, you can help pull in the lobster pots and discover the catch, then prepare your own supper before sitting down to savor it.

To catch lobster is unexpectedly exciting. And to eat the freshly caught lobster is the greatest reward an occasional fisherman can get.