Swedish flatbread, or thin bread ("tunnbröd"), has been an integral part of the Swedish diet for generations. It is soft or crisp, made with different grains of choice (usually wheat, barley and rye) — and a rolling pin.
Tunnbröds Academy has worked hard to make sure this special day, May 13, was set aside to honor tunnbröd, building hype to enjoy, bake and learn more about it, establishing a country-wide celebration to make sure the baking tradition does not to fall into oblivion.
Although it's a staple on any holiday smörgåsbord and makes eating surströmming enjoyable, tunnbröd deserves to come out of the shadows as a delicacy in its own right.
"More and more people appreciate thin bread as the delicacy it really is and we want to give this trend an extra boost through Tunnbrödsdagen," says Anki Berg, a board member of Tunnbrödsakademin. "We want to make sure the whole of Sweden bakes, eats, tastes, feels and enjoys thin bread."
Bakeries, cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, sausage kiosks and organizations all over Sweden were encouraged to honor thin bread in one way or another today, inviting everyone to share the experience.
Freshly made, served with melting butter, rolled with delicious toppings during a coffee break, as a complement to soup, or in any way — thin bread is always good!
Find out more at www.tunnbrodsakademin.se