Is there anything more Swedish than the Midsommar celebration with all the flowers, the maypole, food and music? Celebrated in Sweden on the Friday (and weekend) closest to June 21, the summer solstice, the sun never sets and people dance with abandon as friends and family gather for this celebration of summer. In the U.S. we try to mimic the festivities as much as possible (and we’ve heard reports of some American celebrations being even more Swedish than some in Sweden), and they are all here in our comprehensive listing of Midsommar celebrations throughout Swedish America.

House of Sweden, San Diego
25 June, 10 AM– 5 PM
Midsummer celebration. Swedish food, folk dancing, singing, family fun and dance around the Maypole. 619.758.0532 / / /


24 June, 11 AM - 3 PM
Linnea Lodge #504 2017 Midsommar Fest with maypole and potluck. 415.990.3882 / /

Rolling Hills Estates, Los Angeles
24 June, 5-10 PM
Annual Midsummer Shrimp Feast at Nansen Field. All you can eat you-peel shrimp and other delicious food. Dance around the maypole. Reservations 310.546.6680 / / /

Saratoga Springs, Saratoga
24 June, 10:30 AM–3:30 PM
Swedish American Patriotic League’s 123th Midsummer Celebration. Maypole, dancing, music and dinner. 408.779.2854 / 415.407.0095 / /

Vasa Park Agoura
25 June, 8:30 AM –6 PM
The Swedish American Central Association Annual Midsummer Festival. Maypole, dancing, singing, youth activities, Spelmanslag and folk dancing. 563.923.5828 / / /

Estes Park
24 & 25 June, 9:30 AM – 5 PM
Scandinavian Midsummer celebration with Maypole, Scandinavian music, dance, crafts and food vendors, Viking re-enactors and Scandinavian auto show. 303.449.9596 / /

24 June, Noon-3 PM
Annual Midsummer Fest at The Scandinavian Club. Maypole, music and dance. 203.259.1571 / / / /

Vasa Park, South Meriden
25 June, 11 AM – 5 PM
Traditional Swedish Midsommarfest. Maypole, music, dance, entertainment and food. 860.563.0040 / /

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3 June, 2-7 PM
Svenska kyrkan, Svenska Konsulatet, SWEA, SACC och Svenska Skolan i Florida’s
Sommarfest. The end of Svenska Skolan year, Sweden's National Day and Midsummer all at once with a big festival! 954.604.0605 / /

Douglasville, Atlanta
24 June, 1 PM
Nordic Lodge 708 Midsummer potluck and celebration. Bring a dish and beverage. 770.596.8869 /

9 June, 5-10 PM
10 & 11 June, 11 AM-10 PM
52nd Annual Midsommarfest. Maypole, Swedish music, dancing, kids' entertainment, delicious food, ethnic dance troupes and cutting-edge bands.

Bishop Hill
24 June, 11AM –8 PM
Music Festival and Midsommar Celebration for the whole family. Procession to the Colony School, decoration and dancing around the Maypole, barn dance. 309.927.3899 / /

10 June, 11 AM – 2 PM
Celebrate Midsommar with the Swedish American Museum. Traditional Swedish music and dancing around the Maypole! 773.728.8111 / /

24 June, 2-5 PM
SWEA Chicago Midsummer Celebration. Dancing around the maypole, games and smörgåsbord. /

Good Templar Park, Geneva
18 June, 9 AM –5 PM
Swedish Days, Geneva’s 107th Midsommar Festival. arts & crafts fair, folk dancers, Maypole celebration, live Scandinavian music and dances, children's choir, Viking encampment and Swedish food. 847.845.2640 / / /

20-25 June
Annual Midsummer Festival - Swedish Days. Singing and dancing around the Maypole, parade, great food, lutfisk tasting, carnival rides, live music, crafts, Swedish entertainment and many children’s games. 630.232.6060 /

Lake Forest
24 June, 2-5 PM
SWEA Chicago Midsummer Celebration. Dancing around the maypole, games and smörgåsbord. /

16 June, 6-10 PM
17 June, 7 AM –4 PM
Swedish Historical Society hosts Midsommar Festival at the Erlander Museum. Maypole, folk dancers and entertainment, Swedish food & market, kids’ activities. 815.963.5559 / / /

Vasa Park, South Elgin
17 June, 3:30-10:30 PM
12th Annual Scandinavian Midsummer Celebration. Maypole, dancing, kids’ activities, picnic - bring dish, bonfire and music. 847.695.6720 / / /

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Willow Creek Park, Iowa City
18 June, 4-7 PM
Iowa City Swedish Club Midsommar Fest with Majstång, games and a potluck dinner. 319.351.2595 / /

24 June, 6-9 PM
Swedish Heritage Society Midsummer Fest. Majstång with dancing and Scandinavian music. 319.254.2317 / /

17 June, 9 AM–12 PM
Midsummer's Festival. Maypole, music, Scandinavian food, kubb, folk dancers, fun run, crafts. 888.227.2227 / / /

New Sweden
16 –18 June
New Sweden Historical Society Midsommar Celebration. Maypole, dancing, fun and food. 207.896.7909 / 207.896.3416 / /

Carderock Park, Potomac
25 June, 3-6 PM
Midsummer Celebration hosted by ASA, Drott Lodge, and SWEA DC. Maypole, dancing, activities for children and potluck. / / / /

Scandinavian Cultural Center, Newton
17 June,12:30– 4:30 PM
Midsummer Picnic hosted by SACC-NE. Maypole, dancing, flower wreaths, traditional games. Bring your own picnic. 617.795.1914 / 760.799.6333 / / / / /

South Deerfield
24 June, 2 PM
Viking Lodge 756 VOA’s annual Midsummer celebration. Maypole decorations and dancing, bring a dish for potluck. 413.221.4184 /

24 June, 11 AM – 4 PM
SAHS/WM Midsummer Fest. Dancing around the Maypole, music, food, games, raffle and more. / 616.530.1842 / 616.458.0420 / / /

Farmington Hills
17 June, 9 AM – 2 PM
Swedish Club of Metropolitan Detroit’s Midsummer Celebration. Swedish pancake breakfast and lunch. Dancing around the maypole, music. 248.478.2563 / /

Farmington Hills
23 June, 6 PM
Sons of Norway’s Nordkap Lodge’s Sankthansaften. Bonfire and Viking Walk.

Library Park, Bemidji
18 June, 1-3 PM
Bemidji A.S.I. Affilate 40th anniversary and celebration of Midsommar Fest! Decorating the Majstang. Procession, Scandinavian singing and dancing. Bring picnic lunch. 218.785.2368 /

28 June, 1-3 PM
Swedish Cultural Society of Duluth’s Midsommar Fest!

American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis
17 June, 10 AM – 5 PM
Midsommar Celebration. Sing and dance around the Maypole, traditional Midsummer fare, handcrafts, flower wreath making. Swedish/New York jazz musician and female folk trio. 612.871.4907

Minnehaha Falls Park, Minneapolis
25 June, 10 AM–5 PM
Scandinavian summer fest celebration by Svenskarnas Dag and Norway Day. Midsommar Loppet. Entertainment, folk dancing, choruses, Maypole, singing, food. 612.825.8808 / /

23– 24 June, 10 AM–5 PM
40th Annual Scandinavian Hjemkomst & Annual Midwest Viking Festivals. Music, food, crafts & dance, Scandinavian entertainment, Viking Village, children’s activities. 218.299.5452 / / /

9 June, 6-10 PM
10 June, 10 AM–12 PM
18th Annual Nisswa-stämman Scandinavian Folk Music Festival. 150 folk musicians performing, day-long dancing, dance instruction, a cultural children's activity/performance tent, and great Scandinavian food. 218.764.2994 / / /

Gammelgården, Scandia
24 June, 10 AM–4 PM
Midsommar Dag Celebration. Majstång, Swedish music and dances, flower crowns & smörgåsbord, $12. 651.433.5053 / /

24 Jun, 2-7 PM
A Nordic Midsummer Celebration: Appreciate the long days of light and sun, a parade with all Nordic flags, musicians leading and everyone following from the stabbur to the barn. Dancing around the Majstång, music and Swedish dance games. Bring a potluck dish for dinner at 5 p.m. Leif Erikson, Sons of Norway, 218.769.4296 /

2-4 June
Swedish Heritage Center's Swedish Heritage festival. 402.380.9458 / Facebook

11 June, 1-4 PM
Scandinavian Midsummer Festival Omaha Committee. Annual celebration with Maypole, crafts, Scandinavian foods, sweets, products, handicrafts, traditional Swedish music and dance. 402.830.6679 / 402.830.6678 / /

16 June, 1 PM –midnight
17 June, 7 AM –midnight
18 June, 7 AM – 6:30 PM
65th Swedish Midsummer Festival. Traditional Swedish cuisine, games, Viking Festival, Swedish dancers and entertainment. 402.764.5265 / / /

Vasa Park, Budd Lake, Hackettstown
17 June, 10 AM – 6 PM
Swedish Midsummer Celebration by Vasa NJ District 6. Maypole, folkdancing. musical entertainment, Scandinavian food and crafts vendors, children’s activities. / / /

Throggs Neck, Bronx
24 June, 11AM – 6 PM
76th Annual Sweden Day – Midsommar celebration at Manhem Club. 516.565.2091 / /

Battery Park City, New York
23 June, 5-8 PM
Swedish Midsummer Festival at Robert F. Wagner, Jr. Park in Battery Park. Swedish delicacies, traditional music, folk dancing, decorating of Maypole and wreath making. /

10 June, 10 AM
American Scandinavian Heritage Foundation celebration includes fika, Swedish folk dancers, Swedish Spelmän and a fiddle group. 716-665-0883 / /

21 July, 1-9 PM
22 July, 10 AM – 9 PM
23 July, 10 AM – 4 PM
16th Annual Scandinavian Folk festival – Swedish folk dancers, Nordic foods and fika. Midsommar celebration on Saturday with maypole and ring dances. 716.665.0883 / /

Buckstop Junction, Bismarck
20 June, 6-8 PM
Three Crowns Swedish-American Association’s Midsummer celebration. Smorgåsbord, folk dancing, tours of an old Swedish homestead and games for kids. 701.516.2979 /

Alum Creek, Lewis Center
17 Jun, 5 PM
Scandinavian Club of Columbus, Ohio Nordic Midsummer fest. /

Oaks Park, Portland
10 June, 11 AM –6 PM
Scandinavian Heritage Foundation and the League of Swedish Societies’ Midsummer festival. Maypole, Scandinavian food and crafts, flower wreath making, music, dancing and children’s activities. 503.977.0275 / /

16 June, 2 –10:30 PM
17 June, 7 AM –10 PM
17 June, 7 AM –5 PM
50th year of the Scandinavian Midsummer Festivals. Scandinavian music, Maypole, dance and theater groups, Scandinavian traditional handcrafts and food. 503.325.6136 / /

24 Jun, 4-7 PM
Midsommar Fest with food, drinks, homemade Swedish pastries, music and dancing around the maypole, crafts and games for kids. American Swedish Historical Museum, 215.389.1776 / /

23 June, 2-9 PM
Dalesburg Scandinavian Association Midsommar celebration. Scandinavian smorgåsbord, entertainment, arts and crafts, games, music, Vikings, Maypole and ring dances. / 605.253.2575 /

Landgrove Inn, Landgrove
24 June, 2-5 PM
Nordic Harmoni’s annual Midsummer Festival. Wreath making, decorating the Maypole, songs by the chorus. 802.824.6673 / 802.824.6578 /

Carderock Park, MD
25 June, 3-6 PM
Midsummer Celebration hosted by ASA, Drott Lodge, and SWEA DC. Maypole, dancing, activities for children and potluck dinner. / / /

Vasa Park Resort, Bellevue
11 June, 9 AM– 8 PM
Midsummer Festival with Swedish pancake breakfast, children’s games, dancing and old fashioned recreation, Swedish. 425.746.3260 / /

Saint Edward State Park, Kenmore
25 June, 11 AM– 6 PM
Midsommar Fest by Skandia Folkdance Society, Majstång and långdans, music, dancing, Hemslöjdsmarknad, food, crafts and kids activities. 425.954.5262 / /

Old World Wisconsin, Eagle
18 June, 10 AM– 5 PM
Midsummer celebration. Decorating and raising the Maypole, wreath making, Scandinavian folk dancers and musicians. Bring a picnic or purchase Scandinavian buffet lunch at 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. 414.352.7890 / 262.781.6113 / / /

Old World Wisconsin, Eagle
24 June, 6-9 PM
Midsummer Magic: Music, food, drinks, dancing and more. 262.594.2922 / /

16 June
All-you-can-eat traditional Swedish Midsummer smorgåsbord in different stores across the U.S. Call your local store for details and seating times.

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