While traveling the highway (E6/E22) between Malmö and Trelleborg, you may want to take a slight detour and visit Hallongården, an old 18-acre farm, which about ten years ago was turned into a raspberry mecca and has become a popular tourist destination.
Getting there is easy. Coming from Malmö, just take a turn toward Håslövs Church shortly after you’ve passed Vellinge. From there, follow the signposts to “Raspberry Farm,” and you’ll be there in a few minutes.
The farm, which is owned by Kjerstin and John Biärsjö, has been in the family since the early 1800s. Here, amidst raspberry bushes by the thousands, you’ll find a pleasant little café and a small shop where you can buy a wide variety of juices, nectars, and jams—all made the old-fashioned way, in small batches and with no preservatives. Besides raspberries, the farm also grows gooseberries, blueberries, sea buckthorn, elderflowers, elderberries and rhubarb.

For a pastoral picnic among the raspberry bushes, you’re invited to buy a special picnic basket from the store. You can also meet with the farm animals: sheep, chickens, geese, cats or Elsa, an energetic springer spaniel that greets every guest with unbounded enthusiasm.
On our brief visit, we met with Anna, the daughter of John and Kjerstin, who in minutes had us eating, literally, out of her hand: scrumptious raspberries picked from a long neat row of bushes. I wondered aloud about the annual yield and Anna replied, “It varies between 12 and 15 tons.” As for the number of visitors every year: about 35,000.
I wanted a photo of the family. Unfortunately, the parents were away, but the grandparents were there—and happy to pose with their granddaughter.


For more info, see: www.hallongarden.com