Summer is here, and Swedes may stress a bit since the beautiful sunny days won’t last forever. Another stress factor is the upcoming vacation. What to do? How to do it? And for how much money? Long-term and recurrent stress can be dangerous for your body and may cause diseases like diabetes, heart problems and pains. And vacation can actually be more stressful than work is.
”For some, vacation may mean that they have to spend time with family, even though they may not want to. For others, the loneliness can be palpable,” says Giorgio Grossi, an associate professor of medical psychology and a psychotherapist. He is also the owner of Grossi Stresskonsult in Stockholm. According to Grossi, it is impossible to lead a stressfree life, but handling it means picking your battles. Grossi believes that stressed out people confuse things they may opt not to do, like painting the house and meeting family, with things they have to do. ”We cannot influence the things we think or feel. But if we want a stress-free vacation we have to prioritize. You cannot just decide to live a harmonious life, you have to act on it,” Grossi says.

Here are tips from the stress expert Giorgio Grossi:
Define: the feeling you wish to get on your vacation.
Control: you need it. There’s stress in the not knowing. At work, your time is controlled, while on vacation everything flows.
Prioritize: Do you want to be on the beach all day? Or do you want to meet family? Decide what activities you want your summer to include.
Unplug: During your time at work you’re probably always plugged in. Don’t let your summer be like that also.
Be spontaneous: If you are about to paint the patio, and the sun is shining, there’s nothing that says you cannot go to the beach instead.