Swedish Crime writers at Barnes & Noble (FILM)
Swedish crime fiction writers Arne Dahl, Anders Roslund, Börge Hellström recently appeared at a New York Barnes & Noble for a Writers on Writers event.
From their comments:
Arne Dahl was first! “Stieg Larsson didn’t appear out of nowhere, I actually started writing crime fiction before Stieg Larsson and… he stole a lot from me of course,” Arne Dahl, whose novel ‘Viskleken’ [Chinese Whispers] was chosen as the best crime novel of 2011, says tongue-in-cheek.
Roslund stresses [there's a] "long Swedish tradition of Swedish crime fiction writing. Small not very well known Perfect welfare state. No wars for over 200 years have given Sweden and Swedes an opportunity to at length consider the consequences of individual violence. Sweden is safe but things happen in a safe country as well…"
Hellström used to be, as he puts it, "a bad guy but not anymore…" and besides “bad persons also have good behavior, good persons have evil behavior and that’s what we try to describe in our books. It’s never black and white."