Guy Clark is going to his life's first crayfish party. Foreign tourists visiting in August say that crayfish parties are the closest a Swede gets to really letting loose. What, why, when and how do you eat the crustaceans the Swedish way; served cold, cooked with dill, salt sometimes beer.... This is during and just before Guy visits SWEA New York's annual 'kräftskiva' to learn about the traditions, the songs, the food. Help along the way comes from singer-songwriter Anders Holst, actress Lisa Pettersson Bearpark (Scandinavian American Theater company) and Battery Gardens Restaurant with its Executive Chef Ari Nieminen. Thanks Battery Gardens Restaurant, SWEA New York for a wonderful setting and company and of course Guy, for limitless patience!
Here's a link to what we've covered earlier on the tradition of eating crayfish in Sweden: An Ode to the Crayfish