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-Seattle, WA
Vikings Were People Too: Growing Up in the Viking Age, 6-8 PM.
Grab a drink and find out what you really need to know to understand Scandinavia! Perceived as violent raiders descending with a fury, the Vikings’ human side has largely been neglected. But Vikings were people too! Join Professor Leiren as he explores what it was like to grow up in the Viking Age. Following the lecture, the board of UW’s Scandinavian studies department will host a reception. Nordic Museum, 206.789.5707 / /


-Madison, WI
Old Norse literature: Healing and Obstetrics, 5-6 PM
What is known about birth and midwifery in the pagan North? Hear about the roles of female goddesses and beings, especially of Freyja, Frigg, Odin and the Aesir, for fertility, birth and obstetric practices. Also explore to what extent Old Norse literature either directly addresses or tiptoes around topics such as birth and healing, which were essential for the lives of medieval women and men. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, 608-262-2192 /

-West Newton, MA
Northern Lights: Christmas preview concert, 7:30 PM
Revels Northern Lights Concert offers a taste of holiday music as well as a chance to bid on fabulous live auction items while enjoying delightful traditional desserts. Celebrate the Nordic cultures and traditions of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden and their Honorary Consuls. $50. Scandinavian Cultural Center, 617.795.1914 / /

-Davie, FL
Songs of Broadway Concert & Dinner, 6 PM
A 1-hour best of Broadway musicals performance by Swedish artists Helena Kaufman and “Nippe” Ankarblom and a delicious fall buffet. Scandinavian Church and Center, /

-West Newton, MA
Interactive Lecture: Carolus 2018, 1-3 PM
On the 300th anniversary of the mysterious death of King Charles XII of Sweden, find out how he staved off the destruction of his kingdom for almost 20 years through sheer force of will … but did the ravages of war lead to regicide? Come and learn about the king’s life and exploits and see artifacts from the period as well as a full Swedish infantry uniform. Scandinavian Cultural Center, 617.795.1914 / /

-Washington, DC
Annual Danish Christmas Bazaar, 11 AM-3 PM
Enjoy an authentic Danish lunch of open-faced sandwiches, Danish pastries, and other specialties. The bazaar offers a day of Holiday shopping, including delicatessen with imported Danish foods, greenery, crafts, Christmas decorations, amber and silver jewelry, embroideries, authentic Danish pastry & Cookies, Carry out, Æbleskive Cooking Demonstration, Children’s Play Table and more. /

-Portland, OR
Lutfisk Dinner, 11 AM - 6 PM
It's actually a lutefisk dinner since it's hosted by the Norwegians, but it doesn't matter how it's spelled. You can also buy fresh breads made by the Portland Scandinavian Chorus in the main ballroom, too, at the Grieg Lodge Lutefisk Dinner. Norse Hall, 503-706-9882 / /