Cecilia Wachter's photographs will be on display at the Swedish Church at 48th Street (between Madison and fifth) between April 13 and May 5. Wachter is in New York to study photography at Parsons New School for Design. Words from the photographer listed on the church's website:

Winter and spring of 2011 has thus far been the most significant tie of my life. I was 18 and alone in Eastern Europe. Western popular culture has taught us that the world east of Germany is backwards, less developed, even "exotic." What I perceived through the lens of my Pentax ME Super was not what I'd been trained to expect. As I traveled through Serbia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary, eventually leaving Eastern Europe and venturing to Morocco and beyond, I encountered a people, a landscape, and a culture more welcoming and complex than I could have imagined. It is my privilege to share some of these sights and stories with you.


Mrore info, see Svenska Kyrkan, New York