Call them bone-chilling – the abandoned gas stations from eras past. One such gas station outside of Lund led to more and eventually became a photographic book called “Spökmackar” by Henrik and Therese Nerlund.

They have traveled Sweden, documenting the eeriness of abandoned gas stations. The project began 10 years ago, when the couple met and lived in two different cities. A lot of traveling between Malmö and Stockholm ensued, and they quickly got tired of driving the same route all the time.


“We found smaller roads instead of the usual highway. At one time we stopped outside of Lund for coffee near an abandoned BP station, where time seemed to have come to a stop, and people seemed to have just left,” says Therese. She and her husband have a preference for the architecture and design of the 1950’s and 60’s. “Many vacations were sacrificed for these nerdy trips,” Therese says with a laugh. They found many of the stations through tips to their blog “Modernisma”, that they began a few years ago. “We all have a relationship to these old gas stations,” says Henrik. “They are part and parcel of our collective memory.”

The book, ISBN10: 9197984213 is published by Tangent Förlag