In California and in New York
One of our favorite singer song writers will perform at this year's Achievement Awards in San Francisco next week; Sofia Talvik. More info, SACC SF/SV 2013 Achievement Awards
In New York, our favorite multi-instrumentalist comedian performs a final night at Don't Tell Mama on Friday, March 1 at 7 PM. More info, Don't Tell Mama on West 46 St., NYC. Or, check our video on recent performances by Maestro MM

Talvik has played at Lollapalooza and SXSW, but the extensive two-year U.S. tour in an old RV with her husband has put her in close contact with the fans. Check when she'll be near you: and enjoy ur video clip of Sofia and her husband Jonas Westin; driver, PR, bookings as well as sound technician:


Our interview with Sofia while on the East coast: Sofia Talvik - Drivin' and Dreaming