So much for gender equality in Sweden! Nine out of ten film grants go to men, in spite of Filminstitutet's pledge to gender equality, this according to Swedish Television's "Kulturnyheterna". This past year, the Svenska Filminstitutet (the Swedish Film Institute) has granted production support of 101.6 million SEK ($14,987.073) - to nine men. Lisa Langseth (director of the feature film "Till det some är vackert" or "Pure" as the English title is) is on the top ten list of awardees as the only woman. In total 187.4 million SEK ($27,644,101) has been granted, of which 73% has gone to men. Managing director of Filminstitutet, Anna Serner, who took office early in 2012, has earlier referred to the lack of gender equality in the film industry as a "democratic problem". After the release of these new numbers, she says that changes take time: "A film project is a developmentally process that takes a long time, so we won't see any changes until the end of the contract periods, in 2015." And she added: "My absolute ambition is that we should see a change in the coming years."