The nearly 60 million people, who have visited Sweden through Stieg Larsson's trilogy, will now be able to see what they have so far only imagined.
Tattoos Hornets Fire: The Millennium Sweden is the photo book that captures the Sweden presented to so many readers, the one they have wished to know better—although many may honestly not recognize the Sweden they know or have known. Shot by Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg during a few visits to Stockholm, the art shows a blunt rawness you would rarely associate with the capital, until now.
Instead of just showing a tattooed girl in a subway heading toward a suburb, the book has a playful depth of natural light, shadows, reflections, contrast and color, and puts its finger on something you would miss when Stockholm makes its first impression on you.
Paul Solberg, an American of Swedish decent, notes, “There are many faces of Sweden, depending on seasons. This book focuses mainly on a darker, moodier Sweden, particularly the two hours when the sun sets and the blue light floats through the streets as the long evening begins.”
To make it easy for the eager reader and traveler wanting to turn this experience into a reality, the book includes a site map marked with location for each photo. Not surprisingly, this visual tour of Stockholm is developed with support from VisitSweden, the tourism promotion office and SAS Scandinavian Airlines. Not only did Stieg Larsson sell books, but he also sold his view of Sweden.