The recent Guldbagge celebration (the Swedish equivalent of the Oscars) meant a sweep for director Gabriela Pichler’s debut film “Äta sova dö” (Eat sleep die). The social realistic film won four awards in the following categories: Best film, best director, best script, and best actress (Nermina Lukac).

“This is so incredibly great. I’d never thought it would happen. I hadn’t even prepared a speech,” said Lukac. “Now I want to continue acting, and I will get myself an agent.” Director Pichler also seemed surprised. In her speech, she talked about her father who died of cancer just as she had taken her first steps in the film business “How I wish he’d been here today and seen this,” she said and held up her two Guldbaggar. “But I think he’s here somehow anyway.”
Other winners were: Johannes Brost (Best Actor in “Avalon”), Ulla Skoog (Best Supporting Actress in “Dom över död man”), Peter Carlberg (Best Supporting Actor in “Avalon”), and Best Documentary “Searching for Sugarman”. An honorary award went to Hans Alfredson. Who during his long career has already won three Guldbagge awards for “Ägget är löst”, “Den enfaldige mördaren”, and “Falsk som vatten”. You can read more about the film “Äta sova dö” here: