On the occasion of the reopening of the renovated United Nation’s Economic and Social Council Chamber, on April 22, Swedish artist Ann Edholm’s new curtain “Dialogos” was installed. The work is abstract in its pattern and consists of wedge-shaped red/orange and white structures. The Economic and Social Council Chamber itself was designed by Swedish architect Sven Markelius (1889-1972) in the 1950’s, and parts of the decorations were gifts from Sweden to the UN as well.

The ECOSOC Chamber's original architect, Markelius held a strong belief that architecture can foster openness and democratic values. Magdalena Malm, Director of the National Public Art Council in Sweden, in a release from the Swedish Foreign Ministry said, "Dialogos relates to this concept as well as suggesting a contemporary view of the original curtain by Marianne Richter, visualising how central concepts need constant revision."