On Sunday, the star of the film ”Monica Z”, Edda Magnason, received the prestigeous ”Shooting Star” award at the Berlin Film Festival. The much praised Swedish-Icelandic actress was recently signed by the American talent agency Paradigm. Will we see her in a Hollywood produced film in the near future?
”We’ll see, I’m casting for a number of things. It’s fun,” she said. It’s been a tumultuous time for Magnason, who made her acting debut with ”Monica Z”, a debut that has won her both awards as well as attention.
”I never thought about this while we were shooting, and I’m glad I didn’t know about it all before,” she says. Exactly what will happen in the U.S is yet not clear, but Magnason says she is eager to explore where her acting career may take her.
”I don’t care where I live,” she says about the possibility of a future in the U.S. At the moment however, it is her first passion, music, that’s her focal point. She is currently working on a record to be released later this spring, and she feels the work on the record has been a nice contrast to the much slower work of making a movie. ”It was such a huge deal with so many people involved compared to my work with music, and each project takes such a long time,” she says.

See the trailer for Monic Z here: Monica Z - official trailer


Edda Magnason was born in 1984 in Lövestad, in the south of Sweden, and is originally a singer/songwriter, whose debut album came out in 2010. It was her breakthrough part as Monica Zetterlund in Per Fly’s film ”Monica Z” (”Waltz For Monica”) that propelled Magnason into the international arena. The Shooting Stars program, which has close ties to the Berlin Film Festival, was created in 1998. Swedish alumni includes Bill Skarsgård and Alicia Vikander. Other stars this year included Danica Curcic, Maria Dragus and Miriam Karlkvist.