Swedish DJ Eric Prydz has big plans: Like planning to sell out Madison Square Garden with a giant show. He promises Rolling Stone Magazine a show that will ”blow people’s heads off”.
In September of 2004, Prydz released the greatest eletronic dance music hit so far: ”Call on me”. Now he wants to repeat Swedish House Mafia’s feat and sell out the Garden.
Rolling Stone Magazine reveals that the name of the show will be ”Epic 3.0 and will feature, among other things, the world’s biggest indoors hologram, and two hours of animated show to back up hits like ”Liberate”.

”To me, it’s first and foremost a question of music, and I will spend the next months preparing something exclusively for the show, but trust my team to come up with a visual experience that will blow people’s heads off,” Prydz tells Rolling Stone. And what does he think about playing on the legendary arena? ”As a DJ and producer playing mostly underground music, I never even thought I’d get the chance to play Madison Square Garden.” For tickets, register at Prydz’ website: http://www.ericprydz.tv/ For the Rolling Stone Magazine article: Eric Prydz announces Epic 3.0 Show