Dreams. Nightmares. Daydreams. Worlds that cannot always be seen but affect our lives in countless ways. People are their dreams; dreams are part of everyone. Dreams tell you who you are and what your concerns are. In this exhibition, Lilian Togelius will take you on a tour of her dreams and maybe your own as well.
Lilian Togelius was born in 1951 in Kalmar, Sweden. She studied art at the Forum Art Academy in Malmö, Sweden and later at the Accademia Belle Arti in Rome, Italy. A painter and occasional fiction writer and mural artist, her work employs surrealist techniques and motives of childhood, dreams and fears.
At the Swedish Church in New York, Lilian will present an exhibition called "The Kingdom of the Ice Princess.” In the eponymous painting, one of the central works of the exhibition, we see a forbidding structure in the distance. This is the palace of an ancient culture ruled by the Ice Princess. The domains surrounding the palace are full of life. In her dreams, Lilian flies over these domains into the palace to meet the Ice Princess.
You are hereby invited to the exhibition to explore these worlds for yourself. Bring your own dreams to the exhibition opening at the Swedish Church in Manhattan on Sept. 17.
Swedish Church in New York
5 East 48th Street, NYC
For more info see www.svenskakyrkan.se/newyork/svenskakyrkanse