Things donít always end the way you picture them, or the way you would wish them to. "When it Rains on Christmas Day" wonít fill you with that cheery "Jingle Bells" Christmas feeling. Rather, it's quite the opposite: Sofia Talvik stays true to her tradition of exploring the darker side of the holiday.
Looking out from that window on Christmas Day, will it be a winter wonderland or a dark and rainy day? Will you be with loved ones, or will you be alone? Soft keys and the soaring pedal steel guitar bring the melody forward and lift Talvik's voice, the true feature of the song. The lyrics carry the story forward as the song culminates in a carol-like chorus bringing us all the way back in to the churches of the old days with their towering ceilings filled with music.
The tasteful production will remind you of Ryan Adamís Shadowlands and bring your thoughts to Kate Bushís etherial piano songs, like "This Womanís Work."
Listen to the song on youtube here: or download the song at (released Nov. 24, 2016).
And while she toured the U.S. over the last few years, we captured on video part of her one-year tour of the continent in 2012:

Songwriter, Sofia Talvik. Piano, vocals, guitar, bass, drums by Sofia Talvik. Pedal Steel Guitar by Tim Fleming. Cello by David Floer. Produced and mixed by Sofia Talvik. Mastered by Jonas Westin. (c)2016 Makaki Music.