Swedish artist's work on exhibit in NYC
The Georges Berges Gallery presents Johan Wahlstrom's 'Life is Good' exhibit of abstract forms and brushstrokes that highlight, explore and emphasize the importance of the human struggle.

Johan Wahlstrom, born in Stockholm, is a fifth-generation artist. His first creative direction was music, in which he had a long career as a keyboardist and singer, but now Wahlstrom is painting, making a conscious effort to describe the social political landscape of our contemporary world on canvas.


The 12 pieces in Wahlstrom's exhibit make connections between resilience and irony within the context of current global politics wherein societies and individuals are made to feel in a continual state of edge. In Life is Good, absurdity encounters individual memory and everyday reality. Wahlstrom’s exhibition invites viewers to think candidly and critically about the obsessive and aggressive messages that confront them in daily life, to come up with new strategies for survival, and still seek to escape the imposition of certain values.

Meet the artist at the opening reception on March 15 at 6-8 p.m., Georges Berges Gallery, 462 West Broadway (in between Prince and Houston Street), New York. The exhibit is on view through April 8.

For more info on the artist, see www.johanwahlstrom.com