Anna Kinberg Batra took office in January, after the coalition Alliance lost the general election in fall 2014. Addressing the crowded room, the opposition party leader highlighted the Moderates' developing policies for the next general election.

She said there are two lessons her party now needs to start building on: creating a transformation from government to opposition and also gaining confidence in better ideas. “We need to get better at meeting the future," she said. "And meeting the challenges ahead for the Swedish industry, economy and people.” She stated that the Moderate party has high confidence numbers in regards to the economy, but they need to learn from their failures in order to gain confidence.

She identified three areas where the Alliance will develop policies:
1. Help smaller companies grow. Help entrepreneurs go from idea to execution, and improve the speed of setting up a company.
2. Maintain and strengthen the inclusion into Swedish society. Help people, including foreign born residents, get their first job in Sweden. That means education and employment reform.
3. Be open and cooperate. Cooperation between countries and regions with open markets and low barriers as is possible for trade.

Kinberg Batra's concluding remark was, “We want to take government office to build a stronger Sweden.”