Swedish scientists have invented a new, highly sensitive device, which makes it possible to diagnose HIV much earlier than before. Today, a person might have to wait months before they can be diagnosed with HIV. Martin Hedström, doctor in Biotechnology at the Faculty of Engineering and one of the owners of CapSenze at Lund University, believes this early detection is vital.

“It means therapy or medication can be assigned early on and [early detection] could potentially even reduce the spread of HIV,” Hedström says. The device can also detect poisons and viruses in liquids, and may therefore also be used to test drinking water and reveal bioterrorism.
CapSenze is still a research project run on the doctor's spare time and co-owned by a Professor of biotechnology, Bo Mattiasson who's been researching and developing new techniques for biosensors for over twenty years.


FDA has recognized the company's findings and is expected to test the new method in the coming fall.

CapSenze-one of the small entrepreneurial companies fostered by the science programs at the Lund University faculty of engineering.
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