If you’re looking at studying in Sweden, look into what the city of Gävle has to offer – Gävle is the cheapest place for students in Sweden, followed by Örebro and Växjö.
Not surprisingly, Stockholm is the most expensive city, in turn followed by Lund and Uppsala. Svensk fastighetsförmedling (Swedish Property) is publishing their new Studentbostadsindex, and it is here that Gävle stands out as the cheapest place in which to live and study.

“A clear conclusion from the new index is that it is financially advantageous to buy an apartment rather than renting one. This is an interesting conclusion, since there are so few student apartments and apartments with right of tenancy in most cities,” says Bessie Wedholm, Press Officer at Svensk Fastighetsförmedling.
The “kåravgift” (the fee one pays the student body), differs the most from city to city. The lowest “kåravgift” is the one in Stockholm, where you must pay 160 SEK yearly ($24). Compare that to the “kåravgift” in Halmstad, where you must pay 600 SEK yearly ($90).


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