Since 2005, women have surpassed men when it comes to working with computers, and the gap between the genders has widened, according to a study from Arbetsmiljöverket (the Swedish Work Environment Authority). On the other hand, more men than women carry a laptop with them for work, and 50 percent of men use a laptop while working, while only 34 percent of women do the same.
Women spend most of their time in front of the computer screen working within information and communication sectors—68 percent of the women say they spend almost their entire workday in front of the computer. Within the financial sector, 50 percent of the women were bound to their computer almost the entire workday. “The computer has influenced our living situation,” says Christina Jonsson at Arbetsmiljöverket. “We move less and would rather send an email than actually walk the 25 steps to talk to a colleague. Physical activity has decreased and that has affected our ability to perform.” Who spends the least time in front of that flickering screen? Not surprisingly: fishermen, farmers and forest workers. Only one in 20 within these categories spend most of their day in front of the computer.