We asked if you’d enjoy color with our last issue before the hiatus. We’ve gotten hundreds of responses. Here’s one we particularly enjoyed:

“I don't think that color makes any difference to me but it might for any potential reader. I'm mostly interested in the different stories that one might not read in a regular newspaper. Regards”
~Ben Olofson


Ben’s comment illustrates why we have been able to increase readership while most general newspapers have been going down in circulation in recent years—allowing me to stress that the more you interact with us, and the more you keep sending us comments, tidbits, photos from events or special people in your area, organization or circle of friends, the better we can—and will—serve you as YOUR paper. I may be signing this column but it is you, the reader, who “runs” it.
Nordstjernan turns 140 years old on September 21. I’ve spent a lot of time going through its historic pages this year, and one thing became clear: As fascinating as many of the writers, editors and contributors are, the newspaper itself is larger than any individual, and those of us working on it are really no more than caretakers while you are the real “boss.”
We’ve chosen to run a page from the newspaper’s 50th anniversary in this issue—from September 1922—at the time considered a major feat. The first and last paragraphs of reader Emma Blomquist’s poem says it all:

Femtio år vår “Stjerna” har
Lyst och lyser lika klar
Ännu för vårt svenska folk
Alltid rätt och sannings tolk
[The Star for fifty years
Shone and shines as ever bright
Still here for our Swedish people
Always truthful always right.]
Hur än tiden skifta må
Blif vår “Stjerna” du ändå,
Lys vårt goda svenska folk,
Bliv dess talisman och tolk.
[However times may shift
Stay our Star don’t go adrift
Enlighten our Swedish kin
Become its voice, its ear.]

We will continue to increase our coverage of different aspects and opinions in and of Sweden and Swedish America. We are as hitherto interested in EVERYTHING that goes on in Swedish America. No news is too small to cover in Nordstjernan or at nordstjernan.com. I have sometimes called Nordstjernan a bulletin board for Swedish America.
We will always remember our roots, not only our mutual roots in Sweden but also the roots of Nordstjernan. Working with this newspaper is, as always, both a privilege and an obligation. An obligation to history and tradition. We’d like to think we have met the obligation so far. And we've certainly enjoyed the privilege. Guiding principles for the future are brighter, better, more and always “in keeping with the times.” Never better!

We are continuing with color. Here are a few examples of the comments we received:

Yes, the color is beautiful. I hope you will continue using color because it greatly enhances the newspaper. Nordstjernan is getting better with each issue!
Louise Heath

Please, keep the color in Nordstjernan it really makes a difference!
Ann-Margret Westin

Color. Yes!!!
Viktoria Sundqvist

Color. Great!
Walt Anderson

Color wows, its instant appeal makes pictures stand out and thereby provides additional subject information and enjoyment. Nordstjernan's learning readers' feelings results in a "Crossing the Rubicon" event.
Ernest Zappulla

The use of color in several of your photos is TERRIFIC! Keep it up ... add more! If my hometown weekly newspaper, the Cannon Falls Beacon, in Minnesota, can produce a goodly amount of color each week, I certainly encourage Nordstjernan to do the same.
Also I find the articles on the various provinces very interesting, but the accompanying maps sometimes confusing. Add more photos to these articles.
Thank you and CONGRATS!
Dale Munson

In my opinion, it's a great look! Nordstjernan was due for a little bit of updating. Added was a welcome color splash. Was more drawn to picking it up to read it.
Kerstin Chalupa

Color YES!! The Vaxholm photo was gorgeous, the soccer team "so Swedish." Keep using color!
Eric Lund

Överaskning i brevlådan. WOW! Färgbilder fram och bak. Snyggt, trevligt och definitivt en fröjd för ögat. Hoppas det blir permanent och kanske också på flera sidor? Ser fram mot nästa nummer med färg.
Sture Skarin

Dearest friends/kära vänner,
Absolut!! Yes-ja-tusen tack för färg! It's a beautiful, beautiful upgrade. Well worth the wait. Thanks so much.
Birgitta Ericsson

Who would not like color! I have liked your newspaper for many, many years. Now, with color I will like it even more. Hoppas ni får en skön semester och tid att njuta av den.
Med vänlig hälsning
Anita Taylor

Yes, the color is great and adds a lot to your paper.
Kaisa Killam

Jag gillade verkligen färgtrycket på senaste upplagan av Norstjernan. Tidningen ser modernare och mer attraktiv ut. Helt klart ett steg i rätt riktning inför nästa sekel.
Robert Åkerblom

Yay! Color, at last, I love it. Of course it's important. It adds a lot of interest and I'm sure will add to the number of subscribers. Sweden's landscape is so beautiful—we need to see more of it (in color of course).
Bob Burman

Color adds a very nice touch, thanks.
Jon Carlson

Color has made a difference!
1. The paper stays visible amongst other papers and periodicals.
2. I have shared it with more people because of the color making it more visible when guests visit.
My name is Susan Bianucci. I chair the Swedish American Hall Library and Archives in San Francisco and work with Muriel Beroza, Astrid Olsson and Ulla Sabelström. So many of us are thankful beyond words for both Muriel and Ted and Nordstjernan for printing their articles and having a record of our west coast history in print. Thank you for all you do to put out the paper. A group of us are working on getting you new subscribers.
Susan Bianucci

Wishing everyone a wonderful autumn and rest of the year!
Ulf Barslund Martensson

P.S. Thank you, all who responded, Susan Bianucci for mentioning new subscribers—and thank you Leif, Muriel, Ted and all of you (I do mean ALL) who make Nordstjernan possible. We look forward to another century, at least. And, as a matter of fact, if every subscriber brings in one new subscriber we'll carry only color before Christmas ... it's a promise.