Foody theme days
All right, so the other day we celebrated the ”Day of the Cinnamon Bun”, but Sweden has more food-related theme days, some of them are even international. And sometimes one day has several themes, although in Sweden the cinnamon bun (kanelbullen) was in focus on October 4th, it was also the Day of the Animals (Djurens dag) and the International Vodka Day.
”Sure, it can get a bit much,” says Frida Blom, PR consult at Westander. ”And some days may seem more important than others, like the World Cancer Day (February 4), the United Nations Day (October 24), and the World Blood Donor Day (June 14).” There’s often a commercial purpose behind the differently themed days. This may not be very clear when a brand name is behind the theme day, it is for instance Hembakningsrådet (the Home Baking Council) that’s behind the Day of the Cinnamon Bun, and the purpose is to increase the consumption of among other things, sugar. Göran Hådén, spokesperson for En köpfri dag (Buy Nothing Day – November 30), says the whole issue with themed days has gone too far: ”This is just one of many signs that there are those who want to maintain a big consumption, which in the long run is not sustainable.”

Other food days:
February 2: International Pancake Day
May 5: International Kebab Day
May 24: Day of the Cheese
May 27: Day of the Muffin
June 1: Day of Milk
June 6: Day of the Herring
August 5: International Beer Day
September 19: Day of the Messmör (Whey cheese)
November 4: Day of the Frozen Food