Congratulations Piteå, and congratulations students in Piteå – because Piteå has the best schools in Sweden. It is Lärarförbundet (the Swedish Teachers’ Union) that lists all Swedish municipalities when it comes to how well they’ve succeeded in reaching their goals in school. Piteå won this year, after being on 13th spot last year.

”They are investing more resources there, and they have many educated teachers. And this affects the results of the students,” says Eva-Lis Sirén, chairwoman of Lärarförbundet.
Lärarförbundet uses 14 criteria in determining how well the different municipalities succeed. Among other things, the resources the school receive are measured, as is how many of the students manage the transition to college. The number of pedagogically trained teachers and the teacher ratio is twice as important as other criteria.
Sirén does not believe there’s too much emphasis on the teacher: ”On the contrary! International as well as Swedish research shows that the single most crucial factor is how competent the teacher is, and how important it is to make sure all children have access to this competence.” While Piteå tops the list, Ljusnarsberg, Vingåker, Haninge, and Lilla Edet are found at the bottom.