Sweden gets education advice from OECD
The report follows the record low Swedish result in the latest Pisa survey. Minister for Education Jan Björklund receives advice from OECD (the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) regarding what Sweden can learn from those countries that performed better in the student assessment from Pisa 2012.
At the Swedish government’s request, OECD has done a quick analysis of the record low Swedish result in the latest Pisa survey. This analysis will be delivered personally by OECD’s director of educational issues Andreas Schleicher. In OECD’s report, facts are developed that were clear already in December, when the Pisa survey was released. For instance, that Swedish students’ performance in reading, math, and the natural sciences has fallen to a level that’s under the OECD average.
According to the survey, every fourth Swedish student never reaches a basic level of knowledge in mathematics, a number that has increased sharply since 2003. This is the first time that Sweden has asked OECD for an analysis following a Pisa survey. The government has also asked OECD to set up a commission with international scientists and experts to analyze the poor result.