If you have a long commute to work it may wear both on your mind and body — not to mention your marriage. Nearly 1.5 million Swedes commute to work, meaning they cross at least one municipal border on their way. Around 300,000 even cross a county border, according to information from Statistics Sweden.
A higher salary or better housing are reasons people now choose a commute that's longer than 10 and 20 years ago. Research shows, however, that these commuters are more likely to suffer stress and sleep-related problems.

”The longer the commute, the more negative the effects,” says Kristina Jakobsson, associate professor in Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Lund University. Commuters are also more susceptible to higher blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and obesity. Among couples where one partner has a commute of 45 minutes or longer, divorce is also more common. But not all commutes are dangerous. An hour’s car commute without traffic jams may even be relaxing. The equal amount of time on a crowded bus or train may on the other hand seem stressful.