Today I write to you from my new home away from home. The weather in Göteborg has been absolutely brilliant, so you must know that in order to pull me away from sunshine and spring weather, this new abode must be quite remarkable. It’s not my favorite coffee shop, or a writer’s corner tucked inside some cozy pub. It is Gothenburg’s new City Library, reopened recently with a five day celebration from April 23 to 27.
After being closed for a two-year renovation period, the place is now filled with light, clean lines and well organized interior spaces. The architecture combines elements from the original structure with sleek modern embellishments. There are full length windows for the writer, reader or dreamer to gaze out toward Götaplatsen’s busy avenue, and cozy modern seating is ample. One can also take advantage of secluded areas nestled away for time to reflect or simply take in the pages of a good book.
Originally built in 1967, the library encompasses 9,000 square meters of renovated space and an additional 3,700 square meters of new space. Most of the new space is for the children’s areas, which oddly always seem to be populated with adults. Long study tables are equipped with computers and wifi (with a library card number and pin), and if a bit more privacy is required one can rent a conference room for meetings or research. Architecture firm Erséus Arkitekter has seen to it that this is Scandinavian design at its best. Thoroughly planned. Efficient. Comfortable.
The library boasts newspapers from 30 countries. Staff is always available on every floor for questions and assistance. Ebooks are available at the library or via the library's website. The shelves are nicely stocked and the art/design section is heaven. One of the library's missions is to put the new auditorium to good use, with a planned increase in public lectures, author visits, storytelling, book circles and language meetings. Library events will increase from 400 to 800 events per year, according to librarian Christina Persson.
Check the library’s website for a catalog, live chatroom for questions, or to borrow ebooks at Read more about the renovation and obtain social media updates via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube at

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