All new Volvos launched from 2019 will be equipped with an electric engine, the Swedish based car manufacturer’s CEO Håkan Samuelsson announced in a press release on July 5. "It is an historic decision as it means cars will no longer be equipped with solely an internal combustion engine," Samuelsson said. He continued: “Volvo Cars has stated that we plan to sell a total of one million electric cars by 2025. (More electric cars from Volvo) We said so because we mean it. And this is how we will achieve that goal.”

In just two years, every new Volvo car will have an electric engine. Car models with internal combustion engines will be phased out and replaced by cars with internal combustion engines reinforced with power options. All models will be complemented by a number of gasoline- and diesel-based 48-volt plug-in hybrids and mild hybrids, making it the widest range of electric cars that any car manufacturer can offer, says Volvo Cars.


The car manufacturer will launch five purely electric cars between 2019 and 2021. A number of plug-in hybrids and "mild hybrids" will also be launched. Three of the purely electric cars will be Volvo models, the other two being electrified performance models from Polestar, Volvo Cars performance brand.

Sweden’s Minister of Industry, Mikael Damberg (s) commented that Volvo Cars has made a strategic choice: "This means a conversion that will ensure the future of the Swedish automotive industry. Electric cars are the key to resetting the vehicle sector toward more sustainability, but is also a very growing sector globally,” he said.

Volvo's transformation over the last ten years has been truly amazing. We started covering the reshaping of the Swedish brand to new engines and new models in the same year the all-new XC90 was released: 'Everything starts with YOU'