If you want to avoid a parking ticket or other driving fine, stay away from Östermalm in Stockholm. With 4,512 citations last year, the area has the highest rate of parking tickets in all of Sweden.

The popular area has many restaurants and nightclubs as well as parking restrictions, so you might want to try taking a taxi or public transportation instead.


Our advice: Rent a city bike or use a Podtaxi. Podtaxis are small, fast taxipods that you order with an app. They are somewhat cheaper than ordinary taxis - and completely free of emissions (driven by eco-labeled electricity). Fast, cheap and environmentally-friendly. See www.bzzt.se for more information.

The Östermalm district in Stockholm covers just under a square mile and with 71,802 inhabitants is one of the most populous districts in Sweden's capital. It is a wealthy area, having the highest housing prices in Sweden.